COLD PERFECTION is not only a highly regarded German language design and architecture journal, it is also the name of the company that publishes it.

Journal of Architecture, Design and Sustainability

COLD PERFECTION is unlike almost any other publication of its genre and beyond. The journal of architecture, design and sustainability is financially independent. Thus there will never be any kind of hidden advertising, paid advertorials or any other form of paid influence. Instead what we do is 100 percent „old fashioned“ unbiased and reliable journalism – end of story.

„There are many out there who only say what they are paid to say. We instead speak our mind.“ – Michael Graef, Co-Founder

The publishing and consulting company COLD PERFECTION

The homonymous publishing and consulting company COLD PERFECTION is based in Essen, Germany. Apart from working on making our well received publications even better, we spend our time providing expert insights at the intersection of communication, marketing and technology.


Our company was founded nearly twenty years ago by psychologist Hanna Knychas and journalist Michael Graef. Ever since our primary objective has remained the same: delivering authenticity and dependable quality in everything we do.

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